Here's pics of the new Electar Epiphone Century Amp that arrived today, September 8, 2014. Before I plugged it in to play it I noticed on the back panel there is an input for a Footswitch - so I read the manual to see why. The amp does not come with a footswitch so this has to be purchased seperately which I find kinda cheap on their part - but nonetheless you can easily operate the amp without it. The Volume knob on the back of the amp is a push/pull & so when you pull the knob out - it acts as a Boost channel which is sweet! I've only played through it for a half hour so far just to see what she can do - and the verdict is - it's a keeper.

Kick ass little 20 watt tube amp in a birch plywood cab has a great kick & punch and I love the vintage look as well as the tone! There are 3 inputs for your guitar: Dark, Normal & Bright and a Tone knob as well. Lastly you can also utilize the speaker out jack on the back to hook up an external cab of your choice. Great amp! Great price! Gorgeous ! Enjoy the photos! Thanks for reading!